André Monteiro is a professional photographer graduated from the New York Institute of Photography/NYIP. He holds a degree in Engineering from Rio de Janeiro State University and a postgraduate degree in Geoprocessing Applied to Remote Sensing Images from the Federal University of Goiás. He is author of “Memórias: Boiadeiros do cerrado” – Memories: Cerrado’s herdsmen – published by Instituto Casa Brasil de Cultura in 2010. He’s also written “Parque das Emas, no coração do Cerrado” – Emas National Park, in the heart of the Cerrado – published in 2018, "Águas de um Cerrado particular" - Waters of a Particular Cerrado - pending publication, "Notas do Isolamento, quase diário de uma epidemia" - Isolation Notes, Almost Diary of an Epidemic - published in 2020 and is the photographer behind the pictures in “Uma pausa para a Coluna passar” written by Matiniano J. Silva and published by Editora Kelps in 2012. André has worked on a whole range of publication projects on the Brazilian Ecosystems of the Central-West region.
This site is dedicated to the vast spaces of interior lands, their inhabitants, and their flora and fauna. Photography isn’t simply a reproduction of reality. Here, it’s rather the preservation of visual memories portraying the landscape and its occupants. A tribute to the conservation of the cerrado region. All photographs and texts are the work of André Monteiro, except where explicitly noted. The above photo was taken by Flávio Rezende at Emas National Park, Goiás.

All the texts of English version translated by Marcio Salles-Mello.