Waters of a particular Cerrado
Hardcover, 168 pages, 70 photographs, 23 x 25cm, Ed Fotomemoria, 2021
André Monteiro, Photography and Text

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"Waters of a Particular Cerrado" is a bilingual edition (Portuguese/English) and shows the largest area of outcrop and recharge of the waters of the Aquifero Guarani System, a sea of subterranean freshwater that exists in Brazilian territory and in some neighboring countries. "Waters of a particular Cerrado” shows the most diverse and preserved area of the biome and features more than 70 color photographs and maps of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and source waters. Threatened by unrestrained agricultural expansion, this unique biological wealth is an endangered area. The book is supported by extensive bibliography and offers testimonials from professionals directly linked to the biome and its sustainability. The second largest biome in the country, all this immensity of land and water, of unique biological wealth, is in a process of extinction, threatened by uncontrolled human production.