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Published by Editora ICBC

Text (available only in Portuguese) and photography by Andre Monteiro.
22 x 22 cm, semi-hard cover, 104 pages, 39 images, map of the heard routes.

Excerpts from text written by Wolney Unes. Mr. Unes is a writer, researcher and professor at UFG:
"André Monteiro's work superbly looks at an important time in the so-called Sertão, whose days are now numbered (...) Marveled at the Cerrado’s landscape, and as a nature photographer, André has singled out the herdsman’s figure as the symbol of an entire region (...) As he sets down the stories of the last herdsmen, he presents us with a reality that allows us to see the whole culture that developed from this particular surroundings -  cattle drivers’ food, country songs, adobe houses and projecting eaves,  and the metaphors and traces of a seventeenth-century Portuguese – under a complete new light.”