Isolation Notes, Almost Diary of an Epidemic" 

40 color and black-and-white photographs in 96 pages, all about the threat of the corona virus pandemic and its consequences in the daily life of the author
Photography and text (avaiable only in Portuguese): André Monteiro

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"Notes of Isolation, almost diary of an epidemic" is an edition made during the isolation imposed by the pandemic of 2020, year that came to be unforgettable, marked by tragedies, which suspended all projects of all people and redesigned much of human behavior. Since March we began a cycle never thought of by any of us, a cycle of isolation, quarantine, social distancing, seclusion, fear, anxiety, anger, boredom, frustration, depression, but also of reinvention. But we rediscovered our home, our backyard, our surroundings, our nature. Of course, not everyone has a backyard. But we all rediscovered ourselves, with or without him. It was like a trip inside us. A journey of reflections, confrontations and feelings of hope, but also of pain, whenever the news of a friend, relative or co-worker had been hit by the epidemic. And some couldn't resist.
As a photographer, I realized that one of the ways to help keep me emotionally stable was... Shooting. A month after the beginning of isolation, I decided to make an "almost diary" of my surroundings, not only to keep me exercised and active, but also to look for another vision, very different from what my photograph always sought: the great spaces, the unparalleled sky of the Central Plateau and all the natural beauties that take place in it. It's a short book, but made with intensity. A book like the year that lasts and advances on 2021. With one difference: these years are generated by the loss of nature and its destruction, by the intensive use of animal confinements for human consumption, by the apology of material profit without concern for the future.
The book, instead, is the result of reconstructed hope.